Loving yourself

So lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with everything a person can think of to do. Especially when you are a father and a husband. So I wanted to share some thoughts about a book I found. I need lots of help sometimes keeping things like work, home life and what you thought your life would be like at age 43, in perspective.

So the book I’m talking about is (Love-Yourself-Like-Your-Depends)

I realized that the way I was talking to myself, a lot, was not how I’d want others to talk to me. Something to think about when you feel really down, or when you feel like you just have too much to do, too many projects at work that need to get done. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed I just want to move and do something else, live somewhere where everything is cheap, and life is slow.

I even sometimes fantasize about a small town somewhere on a coast and working at a small cafe or something with little to no stress. But with kids and wife and their friends, their wants and desires, I have to think of them. In thinking of my family, I sometimes forget about me, forget that I need to like who I am and love myself.

In the book it talks about how you talk to yourself and when I started to really look at how I spoke to myself, I noticed I was my worse enemy. How could others like me, not that having everyone like you matter, but how can I truly expect to have great relationships, awesome clients, and an easier life if I’m tearing myself down with words like. “I’m tired of this crap” or “I wish I could be better” or “why does this always happen to me?”

Do I still get overwhelmed, of course I do! I sometimes sit in a meeting and think to myself that all this technology or these concerns mean nothing, life means more than this,  but I am quick to tell myself that life is good and this is how life is. It’s ok not everything is done yet, it’s ok I’m not perfect and that I love myself. Anyone who thinks, or judges a person who has confidence in themselves and loves life as “cocky” or stuck up, then all I can say is good luck in life and smile at them and wish the best, and most importantly, love yourself!

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Abraham Lincoln in Prayer

Saw this picture today of Abraham Lincoln and couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if today’s leaders in Government were as much concerned with God as they are their careers and politics. If the leaders of this country would all turn to God and fear Him.


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69 cent iPhone Cables

You need some iPhone cables for less? I found a site and ordered some with no issues! They have .69 cent cables up to .99 cent iPhone cables. Cable Collections has three(3) ft cables, six(6) foot cables and twelve(12) foot cables. The site also sells cool smart watches too. Take a look!

Also what’s cool is I found some braided iPhone cables that ten(10 feet long and they work great. We took them out of town and come very handy in a hotel room where the certified Apple iPhone cables are too short… Check out those cables too…


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Serving others

imageToday was pretty rough. Heart ache, disappointment and hope. Seems like life can get crazy. I did see this today and thought I’d share about serving others. So when you have a day like today, think of how you can help someone else out.


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Living your religion

A great quote about more than talking about your life or in this case, your beliefs. It’s one thing to say it or think it, another to show people, to show yourself where your mouth is, so to speak. Take the time to really live what you believe. 

If you don’t believe it, then think it, try living, then you will believe!


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VASS Dealer Customer Pages

VASS Dealer Customer Pages

VASS Customer Pages feature real photos, real testimonials, real comments, vehicle discounts, and over 50 hyperlinks to every department inside your dealership, and much more.

Page ONE Google results when people search “Reviews” concerning your dealership, along with multiple organic Google results on the makes and models you sell most often. You’ll also dominate in Google Images, showcasing the hundreds of happy customers who’ve already bought from you.

Automated social media sharing in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus begins with VASS Pages, and extends to your customers, salespeople and the rest of your staff.

Don’t get lost in the “stars game”. Build a powerful online presence while selling more vehicles with VASS Customer Pages.

We’ll update all of your VASS Customer Pages each month, ensuring your sales and service specials are always current.

Add YouTube videos to deliver your current TV commercials, video greetings, walk-arounds, and more.

Find out more information about getting your auto dealership, motorcycle dealership, or other vehicle dealer connected with VASS Customer Pages. Click for more information.

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7 Tips to Unlock the Potential of Google Inbox

I am loving the new Inbox from Google! I did NOT at first, but now I do. I cam across this article online and wanted to save it, share it on mine…

Google is busy sending out invites for Google Inbox, so if you haven’t yet been granted access then you should be let in soon. Inbox takes a whole new approach to email, so you might find yourself disoriented to begin with—here are seven key features that show off the potential of Google’s new email messaging system.

1. Snooze emails

Previously seen in third-party clients (most notably Mailbox), Inbox lets you snooze emails to deal with later—it’s the same as archiving emails, except these messages pop back into view after a predefined time. In the apps, swipe left on a thread; on the Web, click the clock icon. Available options include later today, tomorrow, next week or some day. The email remains snoozed until you manually move it back.

You can choose to set a specific date and time for the message to return (handy for those flight confirmations) and if you’re using Inbox on a mobile you can also associate the unsnooze action with a specific location. Your snoozed messages can be viewed from the main Inbox menu in your browser or in the mobile apps.

2. Pin emails

Pinned emails are to Inbox what starred emails are to standard Gmail. You can quickly view pinned messages—”emails you need to get back to” in the words of Google—by toggling the master switch at the top of the Inbox interface on Web and mobile. Emails that you’ve snoozed are automatically pinned and show up in the same view as well as any reminders that you’ve created.

Don’t pin emails then mark them as done with the green tick—this will archive the message and remove the pin at the same time. Pins are designed to be used the other way around, to bring emails back to the inbox from the archive or from bundles such as Social and Updates. Apply a pin when you’ve got a message that you don’t want to lose in the deluge of other emails.

Read the rest of the article here

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Golf Carts for Sale

Golf Carts for SaleDo you need a golf cart? We got one. Are you looking for golf carts for sale? Golf Car Depot is the place to go. We went to the Land ‘O Lakes location and had a great experience with Marty and the staff over there. I do, however, hear good things about the Pompano Beach Florida location as well, but I have never been down there. Living in Palm Harbor, the Land ‘O Lakes location wasn’t too bad of a drive and Golf Car Depot will deliver the golf cart; they did for us!

The kids love the golf cart. We have driven it around during Christmas time looking at Christmas decorations, we drive it to the parks around here and take a drive just to get some fresh air. We had an issue a few weeks ago with the cart not charging, Marty sent someone out to fix it and the technician gave me a battery tool to insert distilled water into the batteries because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Anyway, Golf Car Depot can really help out getting you a golf cart and during the whole process; they will also take care of you after your purchase. I didn’t feel like I was just a quick sale or forgotten about after our golf cart was delivered! Thank you!

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New Articles Website

New Articles Website

I came across a brand new site that needs some content, but pretty cool. I love the name of the site! Those Random Articles. Website is thoserandomsrticle.info.

Looks like it’s a free article submission website for authors to add profiles and submit their articles for SEO purposes and to just get their names out there.

Does look like the site has some sponsors already on the site. I guess some of the sponsors are paying a cheaper rate to have a  link coming from the new article submission site. I have personally been looking for a website I can post some nice articles to myself. Not that I’m a writer or anything, but to have a place to tell people to go to that is currently free, well this looks like a place. I do have another list of article sites too that I should list here, but I won’t currently.

SEO seems to be changing all the time and PRweb use to be a place I could use to get some backlinks, but now it’s just I am not sure what to do sometimes. I did get a chance to see what some other companies do for article and blog submission, so this site looks good for that. I think sometimes the Internet is full of crap, full of just articles submitted for SEO, search engine optimization, oh well it is what it is.

As with other sites, does look like you have to create an account, but that is normal these days to try to keep down on the spam… Take a look. It’s a new site, but I think it’s a great place to put a “billboard” up on the Internet.

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