Christmas Baskets

Tags: Service

During Christmas season, most of the wards, if not all of them, had the task of giving out baskets to those the bishop felt needed some contact. Our basket, as a family was dropped off while we were gone. So we delivered ours a couple of days right before Christmas and the people we were supposed to deliver the basket too was not home.

Let me tell you about my dad's experience in the Seminole ward. When he went to drop his basket off. He stated he was from the ward and wanted to drop off this basket. To his surprise the couple at the door had know idea what he was talking about. He explained he was there from our church etc. and was looking for brother and sister so and so. The couple stated they lived here previously, but they themselves were in fact looking for a church themselves. He invited them out to church, they ended up taking the missionaries lessons and getting baptized.

You never know how the Lord is gonna work in the lives of His children.