Faith is Aligned

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"Only when our faith is aligned with the will of our Heavenly Father will we be empowered to receive the blessings we seek." - Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

I love that quote! I had to think about it for a few though to be honest. My question to myself is how do we get aligned with the Father's will? I mean I may want or feel I need something, but is it aligned with what God wants for me?

A great Ensign article found here: has a lot on this subject..

One quote/teaching that stood out was:

"Our faith is the foundation upon which all our spiritual lives rest. It should be the most important resource of our lives. Faith is not so much something we believe; faith is something we live."

Faith is something I live? So to me to be aligned with the will, or to know what God wants for me is to be obedient to the best of my ability. If I'm living my faith and having faith, God will align my prayers. I will just know inside what I'm asking for is correct or not. I have faith that I will know what to ask for. I pray that I will and can accept what the answers are...

From the article:

Those who walk in faith will feel their lives encompassed with the light andblessings of heaven. They will understand and know things that otherscannot. Those who do not walk in faith esteem the things of the Spirit asfoolishness, for the things of the Spirit can only be discerned by theSpirit. 16 

The manifestations of heaven are sealed from the understanding of thosewho do not believe. “For if there be no faith among the children of men,”Moroni tells us, “God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, heshowed not himself until after their faith.”