Grandfather (Baird) Passing Away

I remember it was September 1991 and I got a call from my mission President. There was genuine concern in his voice as he explained to me what had happen back at home. He told me my Grandfather had passed away in a complication during surgery.

I spoke with my mother that day too. Her gentle voice of encouragement and heartache I could feel. She wanted me to know everything was fine. I knew deep down she was filling that emptiness inside.

 I did not return home, instead the loving words of my mission president pierced my soul. I was hurt, I cried, but I knew what I was doing was right. Some of my other family members who were not members of the church did not understand, but I moved on.

At times on my mission I could feel the protection from my Grandfather. I will remember for the rest of my life the comfort I felt on my mission from him. I knew he was aware of me and what my work was. I thank God for that.

 I thank God for a loving mission President and his service. I appreciate the service of wonderful men and women of this great church. I secretly hope that someday I am worthy to serve as a mission president so I can return the service my mission president did for me.