Pattern of Pride and Sin

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We see throughout the Book of Mormon a pattern. You will see as the Nephites obey God's commandments and humble themselves, they prosper in the land. They eventually then become prideful and start to think they are better than others, etc. Then they fall back into bondage or something happens and the cycles starts all over again. They become humble once again and the Lord again begins to prosper the nation and its people and they are delivered out of bondage.

A couple of things to note:

  1. They are in bondage. I take this to mean they are held back from prospering either physically, and spiritually. The people start to become so prideful that they forget God and fall into the snares of the adversary and become bound to him and to sin. Maybe addictions, maybe other sins.
  2. When the people start to become humble, they repent, they free their spirits to once again feel the influence and revelation from God in their lives; they are prospered once again, mainly in spiritual matters. Doing what's right doesn't necessarily gives us the right to be rich in this world, it does however, prosper the nation as a people, we prosper spiritually.

The Book of Mormon is a great example of a pattern I feel is a warning to me, to all of us. If we don't look for help, humble ourselves and turn to the Lord with our own patterns, then we could in fact end up like the Nephites did at the end of the Book of mormon, they did not turn back to the Lord and forever lost the spirit...

I wanted to add more to this lesson. Laman and Lemuel not truly converting to the gospel, like Nephi and Sam, is an example of how if you continue to sin, your testimony continues to be damaged regardless of the obvious. They obvious would see angels and still would doubt, so it doesn't matter if you can "see" the gospel or have to have "proof" that the gospel is tur, or that there could infact be a Book of Mormon, this testimony, if you had it in the past, will damage, if we continue to sin and not truly repent.


When Nephi's brothers bound him and were angry with him when Nephi tried to reason with them about not going back to Jerusalem, Nephi asked the Lord to lose his bands, which the Lord did. Instead of seeing yet another miracle, Laman and Lemuel were even more angry and wanted to lay their hands on them until one of daughters of Ishmael and other pleaded with them to basically chill out. Nephi's brothers did and then felt bad and wanted forgiveness.

So even when miracles happen, if a person continues to sin, their testimony continues to be damaged until righteousness is taken from them. In the case of Laman and Lemuel, once in the promise land, this is what happen and they became a lotheme people...

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