Priesthood blessing request

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There was a husband of a dear family member who was arrested for viewing things illegal over the Internet. Many, as one can imagine, disowned this husband. My wife and I never wanted anything to do with him again.

The hurt he cause, the financial burden on one of the sweetest ladies I know. Neither of these family members are members of the church. Only my parents are members.

It wasn't until my father was asked if we could go over to his house to talk with him because he was now in a deep depression for the things he had done. He was. He told us he lost everything. My aunt who not a member herself, wanted us to give him a blessing. We had done it before in the family and she wanted one for him. She was hurt, but saw hope when we as Latter Day Saints wanted to give up.

I gave this man a blessing. It was hard for me at first to go over to his house. I didn't want to even talk to him. I prayed for forgiveness, I prayed to know what to say. I pleaded for the spirit.

The Lord gave him a blessing about forgiveness, about love, about looking forward and being good day by day. To know He, even God, was not pleased, but was there for him. Tears rolled down his eyes, this non member, this child of God, who made some eternal and earthly mistakes...

Maybe we left him with some hope. We told him we were his friends. If. He needed to talk, let us know. He said he could feel something, I told him that was the spirit. Just maybe, you never know.

I'm thankful for a loving aunt to see past the mistakes, not pleased at all, yet look past it and saw a shameful, hurt child of God that now needed our savior more, not be forgotten and given up on...