Service to Missionaries and Lord’s help

This was second attempt to “fix” my hair. I use to be really concerned about my gray hair that was coming in. I sure did not want to pay an arm and a leg for the “chemicals” needed to “treat” my hair so I’d look for bargains on out of date hair treatments. I found one and applied it to my hair, is was dark! I could not stand the look! so after comment after comment about my hair, even my daughter who was four yrs old just told me weeks earlier that my haircut was ugly and that I was ugly, I could not stand for this!

So a few days later I purchased a more “lighter” color treatment, brought it home and applied it to my hair, not 3 minutes after applying this, the missionaries called and need a ride to the chapel to fill the font. I really was the only one that could. But I had this module for an Internet application that had to get finished and live before I went to the Baptism,I told them 30 minutes I could leave and we set that up. I was panicking I this point for I needed to get this off my head, I had this stuff all over my head, dripping down the side under the plastic wrap that is supposed to make it work better..

On top of panicking, an important client called right after I got off the phone, so I’m trying to be a professional as I can, thank God no video conferencing was on, and was trying to get off the phone ASAP! To no avail we talked for like 40 minutes!

The hair treatment was still on! Got off the phone took a shower and hurried up to go over to the missionaries’ apt, I was late! But it all worked out. now my hair on the other hand had turned a “red” tint, I returned home and stuck hydrogen peroxide on it and a hair dryer, then gave up and waiting for a haircut.

But you know what happen? After all that, I got home, sat down and coded the module with no problems and got it installed in record time, I know. I know the Lord help me to get that completed on time and fast and easy. I made to the baptism, all was good, except for the occasional what happen to your hair...