Southern Baptist Minister Grandfather

I remember getting call while being just married to my wonderful wife Tiffany. We got a call that my Grandfather was dying of liver failure. We rushed down four hours away to a hospital here in Pasco County, I believe.

Before I do go on, I must empress in your minds the relationship I had with my Grandfather, who was a Southern Baptist minister. He was completely against me going on a mission. Did verbally attest to the fact and said it was a waste of time. I loved/love my Grandfather but kinda got a feeling of not really wanting to be around him too much because of it.

After my mission the relationship wasn’t anything special. A few words of non wisdom, but over all nothing real negative.

When I arrived at the hospital and took his hand, he wanted to talk to me, so I knelt in a little closer and he said he wanted to tell me he was proud I served a mission for my church. Later that night he died... He told me in his own way what I really wanted to hear.

I was grateful for that and truly appreciate it. I know as we do what we are asked to do, no matter what, people will respect us, they will understand...