What to leave with others

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I was at a Stake Priesthood meeting and heard a talk that stood out to me. The second counselor in the Stake Presidency spoke about his interview process with BYU Idaho. It was about a 2 and half week process. They check all your credentials, call your bishop and check on any books or papers you have written.

He said he was hired, this was an online instructor job. One of the first things he had to do was read the faculty handbook, the first 20 or so pages. What stood out to him was towards the end the question was asked. What is the most important thing you can leave your students?

He thought of his Master's degree, his doctorate degree and the over 30 books and papers he has written, and when the answer was revealed, it was his testimony of the savior and the restored gospel.

That's right! BYU-I wants all instructors to leave with it's students their love of the Savior and the restored gospel.

He likened it to our own lives. What is the most important thing we can leave in the lives of our home? Or work place? People we come in contact with? It's our testimony, or love for the savior and His gospel.

I went home and pondered this. Will people I meet, or my clients, or neighbors leave me knowing or feeling the love I have for the savior?