Love being outside

Life is so much better outside walking trails, driving around with the windows down and watching my kids play at the playground.

Husband and Father

I love my wife with all my heart. I know one day we will be old, kids will be grown, and we’ll look back on this life and wonder how it went so fast. So I cherish everyday.

God and Christ

I appreciate my parents teaching me about my Father in Heaven, for being able to try harder each day to be like Christ. Thankful for the guidance each day.

About Tim

Enjoying life and soaking it in.

My family means the world to me. Life seems to breeze by and time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future. If I have any advice, it’s really enjoy everyday, try to find good in something.

A few things I’m great at

Been a software, mobile Internet developer since 1998 and have seen a lot in terms of changes in technology and the world. Grateful for the good people still in my life, the good people who fight for freedom, who stand up for who they are.


Software Design

Since 1998 I’ve been developing software for the Internet. Enjoy how the technology changes over the years. Keeps your mind heathy.


Mobile App Development

Since 2010 been working on a few different projects for the iPhone and Android. Apps including parcel mapping, kids Christmas elf chatting, and parking software and reservations.


Database Design

Offline and online storage using SQL server databases. Design and c# .NET development for api design and Internet applications.

What is good about today

Each night, think about three things that were good today. Think about them and feel it in your heart.

Wake up with a grateful heart

When you wake up, thank God for a new day. Feel it in your soul.

Make memories that last

Jump on the trampoline with your kids, take a walk with your wife. Tell your loved ones you  love them and smile at people. Get off the phone and tv.

The secret of success

Love your life, look for the good and love God and country.